About Tony D’Amelio

“I’ve always been drawn to working with people whose words and ideas have a strong impact. I’m one of those unendingly curious people who gets excited about learning something new, applying it to life or business and sharing it with others. My personality is perfectly suited for the business I’m in,” says Tony D’Amelio. He began his career managing songwriters and rock music acts in 1969. Thirteen years later he landed full time in the speaking industry where he built a career representing distinguished leaders and experts from business, economics, politics and sports.

After concluding 27-years with the Washington Speakers Bureau as Executive Vice President, Tony took time off to pursue a different passion: education. He founded, and served as founding co-president of, the first-ever city-wide college scholarship foundation in Stamford, Connecticut. Called Stamford Dollars for Scholars (www.sd4s.org), the foundation is an all-volunteer non-profit that mobilizes the community to provide scholarships for local students who want to pursue their education beyond high school. In in first three years the startup foundation has awarded over $200,000 in scholarships. “This effort fits squarely with my belief that learning is a life-changing experience.”

“The exciting thing about the D’Amelio Network is that it allows me to focus on the thing I enjoy most: bringing people with game-changing ideas and insights to the marketplace. In helping people discover an important new voice, we help make the world a little better – one bit at a time. The great writer Studds Terkel was once asked ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ ‘To make a dent,’ he responded. That sums up my hope for the D’Amelio Network.”